What is it?

Power, actualization, and augmentation of the self. There are no limits. You forge the path,
no one else.

In spite of the torment, you take it like no other. Crucial devastating blows to those obstacles if not outclassing em completely. Forget the deceit they shove to you and realize to know what YOU see.

This clothing line is for all those from the pit, that rock bottom. Those stubborn mules who took nothing but yes for an answer. Pulled self from the pit beyond the sun that shines black, yall the squad.
We live in a world where we a parody of bird box. The propaganda stuffed in your dome tries to cripple you when alone. Doubting what your eyes see in favor of the garbage they sold you, but you fight that.

Ants move mountains, dont let anyone tell you youre too small, thats bs. They parrot lies they too afraid to question for themselves, but you don’t. They rather tape your mouth shut then let u speak.

I discover my own philosophy just like you. This is what the Highbloods think they follow. The gods among men lack capacity to understand the best aspect of what it means to know the self, maybe you do.

I don’t believe in glorified caste systems of fake knowledge. My religious affiliation remains ambiguous. The laws of man don’t rule gods and there’s a low barrier to entry.

Dont twist this with luciferianism or satanism. Cannon fodder for the masses of the indentured. Nature of refusing to believe in what is presented in favor for what really is. Limits exist for those afraid to surpass it. 

I know what that last breath like when you go away and if youve been where ive been, so do you. Moving mountains for the sake of it. You think despair is forever, but its not. They claim knowledge of the black sun. They are of no order. 

This aint about that occult, not really. Guess its universal. The point of this is free thought. Free thought and authentic expression the key to the real self they taught you never existed. Key to self is the key to unity. What Highbloods search for, but can never have. Everything comes full circle. So long as we exist, we got each other, thats what really matters.

I went 2 Deep 6 Feet and I’ll never get to unsee what I saw, and i wont have it any other way.
No regrets.
  • Where did you come from?

    Ill let you know when I find out.

  • Why no faces?

    Faces reflect what people want to see, very little indication of the true self. Easy to manipulate, faceless represents the fact that the soul needs to shine first above all else. The art I create isnt meant to have a face.

  • Why blue skin?

    Blue represents rarity, a darkness climbing from the bottomless pit and finding the light. the dark black lightens to a blue.

  • You say things people find offensive

    People of history both relevant and irrelevant have always had ideas that someone else doesnt agree with. 8 billion people on one plat exist, very few willl agree. Clear cut equality no favorites. Authentic expression or none at all.

  • Whats the point of your art?

    Its the modern book of the dead for some in scattered pages. For others, its pretty colors. For some it is a grand psychological diagram of an emotion. For others it is the key to the worlds best kept secrets. The art created holds no bounds. For those who see it, they will know. Its a catalogue of my life and all relevant experiences. How I figure shit out.