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The Art Of Trip Morris

Self - Trip Morris Artwork Painting

Since the dawn of time humans have attempted to show what their eyes cannot see but their secret Self did. Cave drawings, ancient half human half animal figures, hieroglyphs-all are mere representations of what our ancestors thought the higher worlds are. We call it shamanic art, visionary art even psychedelic but no matter the word we chose to define this type of art, the idea is the same: to rise above the physical realm.

Although am not really impressed with digital art for the simple reason that it’s shallow and most of the digital artists tend to challenge only their technical skills, there is one artist that uses divine force for inspiration and also seems to lose himself during the creative process and he goes by the name of Trip Morris…


Trip Morris is a visionary artist primarily creating artworks that capture various dreamscapes, walks, dimensions and otherworldly travels through shamanic excursions and meditations. His philosophy centers on the power of the self through motivation, meditation, & authenticity.
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